December 19, 2011

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA OXY III Black Review

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA OXY III Black Review
  Romain Jerome has actually done something where many brands have fallen short, an actual original concept! Can you believe it? Romain Jerome has gone from a relatively unknown brand and exploded on the scene with it’s series of DNA watches. Reminiscent of      when Bell & Ross hit the scene with it’s Instrument series and never looked back. What does Romain Jerome and DNA have in common? They are actually creating themed watches built around a subject and then using aspects of that subject in the watch itself. 
  Enter the Titanic DNA OXY III Black (ref. T.OXY3.BBBB.00) using actual coal salvaged from the titanic on the dial. The bezel uses steel from the Titanic and is put through process to rapidly oxidize, giving the watch a uniquely refined rusted look. The fact that the watch uses material risen from the most famous and tragic ship wrecks in history evokes a lot of different emotions and opinions. W&R is all for thought provoking and watch conversation starters. Another way to remember and talk about a piece of history, not to be forgotten. To think some people believe watches only tell time, many tell a story and what a story it is. The hour and minute hands are deeply inspired by the Titanic’s anchor. This is the black Titanic DNA version and is W&R favorite color combination for the Titanic series. Between the all black and the oxidized bezel, it adds to the overall darkness that surrounds the Titanic’s tragic history. The watch is 46mm, a reasonable size and not overtly in your face. Small seconds are located the increasingly more popular 9 o’clock position. A C22RJ51 Concepto by Jacquet automatic movement the Titanic OXY III Black, with a 42 hour power reserve. If you are looking for something different, check out Romain Jerome and slap some DNA on your wrist!

Pros - Original, bezel, movement, nicely finished

Consideration - Would have preferred higher water resistance or is that just irony?

Case: PVD Stainless Steel 
Case Diameter: 46mm
Case Back: Solid 
Bezel: Fixed
Crystal: Sapphire
Dial: Black Titanic Coal
Bracelet: Black Rubber
Movement: C22RJ51
Power Reserve: 42 hrs
Water Resistant: 50m