January 17, 2013

ArtyA The gears take over SIHH 2013

ArtyA 2013 - The gears take over

ArtyA continues to release thought provoking watches, seeing time in a new innovative light. W&R is already a big fan of this watch, would love to see it in person! This and many others will be officially unveiled in a few days at SIHH 2013. Heres is a quick press release to wet your pallet!

For over 400 years, the watch industry has been able to contain the mechanism to a strictly functional use.
In 2013, ArtyA brings out the inner beauty of some of the most interesting parts of the movement and magnifies the complete watch with it.
'L'Horlogère' brings its lot of innovation. The design of the dial - containing real gears and watchmaking components - but also its oscillating automatic Swiss mechanism powered by three non circular gears.
The bezel is garnished with cogwheels and watchmaking gears to amplify the beauty of the watch. The inner beauty of the movement is magnificently merged with the beauty of its external components.
The last manufacture in the center of Geneva, SC2, has engineered this technical artpiece, a true tribute to high horology.
'L'Horlogère' and many other novelties will be revealed at the Geneva Time Exhibition from January the 20th to the 24th 2013.


Extremely beautiful watches, honestly I hadn't heard about this brand until now! I like clocks and this article was very useful, I learned something new. Thanks!

Artya has been coming out with some pretty cool watches lately. Not only do I like the idea of this watch, it looks great too. Many times in the watch world, themes do not translate well aesthetically. This one does, would love to see in person.

I've been surprised at the diversity at the SIHH. I was a few days late heading down but it was definitely worth it.

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