January 11, 2013

Best Watch Magazines

Best Published Watch Magazines

So much now is driven by the internet and information is extremely accessible. One thing the internet can not do is give you the feel of thumbing through your favorite magazine. Here is a list of some of our favorite published magazines that many horology enthusiast enjoy. They are unique in their own ways, whether it is the style or the what information is being provided. Still one of the best things is going to your mailbox to find your much anticipated watch magazine. Hopefully, this will help you find the best dedicated watch magazine for you!

List Of Published Watch Magazines

iW, International Watch (printed monthly) – Great well rounded informative watch magazine. iW Publishes some of the best ranges of watches from entry level to high end price points. Insightful interviews, testing, history, and much more.

Watch Time Magazine (printed bi-monthly) – In depth interviews, watch company profiles/interviews, watch comparisons (x vs. y) and testing. Great resource on watch culture, watch reviews, and much more.

Revolution Magazine (4 issues annually) – A big bold magazine, with a more cutting edge contemporary layout. Bigger in height and width, with amazing pictures. This magazine is appreciated much more in person, it is impressively done.

Watch Journal (printed bi-monthly) - Geared heavily around luxury watches, interviews, and pictures.


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