August 28, 2011

G-Shock GXW-56E Atomic King Review

G-Shock GXW-56E Black And Blue Atomic King Review
  When G-Shock released the GXW-56E Black & Blue King, they seemed to disappear as quickly as they had arrived. Is the GXW-56E-1JF (full ref #) truly a limited edition? Certainly seems this way, a few arrived in US and quickly disappeared. Even Stranger was the fact that the watch was being sold for $90 on few different sites. First, no G-Shock King even comes close to being sub $100. Secondly, an atomic version will always drive a steeper premium. Especially, in the United States where atomic Kings typically do not get released. 
  The watch itself is awesome, W&R was lucky enough to snag one before they disappeared. Aesthetically, the black and blue works very well, almost a stealthy look in person. The “G-Shock” on the bezel is an electric blue, the side pusher along with the case back are a deep navy blue, and the visible Alpha Gel is a metallic blue. The functions of the GXW-56E are the same as other GX56 models except for one major feature, this Black & Blue King is atomic. All Kings are GX or GXW, the “W” denotes that the watch is atomic. What is an atomic watch? It is a watch that receives low frequency radio signals nightly that synchronize it with that regions closest atomic clock. For example, in the US it syncs with the atomic clock located in Colorado. Atomic watches are the most accurate watches do to this nightly synchronization. 
  Below is a picture of W&R King after a successful sync with the atomic clock:

GET - refers to the last date of a successful sync
8-18 - the date of successful sync
1:04 - the time of successful sync

If you are in the market for a King of All G’s, this is great choice if you can find one. The blue colors used by Casio G-Shock are seemingly well thought out. They compliment the watch well in very subtle, but noticeable way. 

Pros - Atomic, limited, mud resistant, 11 month power reserve, manly

Consideration - Price has been driven up by limited availability if you can find one

Case: Black Resin
Case Diameter: 55.5mm
Bezel: Fixed 
Crystal: Mineral
Dial: Black/Blue
Strap: Black Resin
Movement: Quartz
Strap Width: 32mm
Power Reserve: 11 months
Water Resistant: 200m


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