April 19, 2009

Oris Chronograph Prodiver Review

Oris Prodiver Watch

Out of the gate this watch is a MONSTER, coming in at a tiny 51mm! This is Oris’s largest watch in the collection currently and would be for most other companies as well. The Prodiver has the Oris RSS (Rotation Safety System) along with a helium escape valve, watch rated to 1000M WR. The current safety for setting the timer on most dive watch bezels is it only rotated counterclockwise. this way, if you bump it, you only think you have less time and come to the surface sooner than expected. With the Prodiver you pull the ring up, turn it to the desired time then push the ring down. This locks it into place, eliminating the worry of unknown tank time. 

Pros - Simply put, this is pure manliness!

Consideration - Size

Case: Titanium
Case Diameter: 51mm
Bezel: N/A
Crystal: Sapphire
Dial: Black
Bracelet: N/A
Movement: Automatic
Power Reserver: N/A
Water Resistant: 1000m
Lug Width: N/A


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