May 28, 2011

Pansar Supercharged Review

Pansar Supercharged Watch Review
 There is a new watch company in town, Pansar, a Swedish brand to be exact. Pansar has launched an exciting series of new watches for 2011, focusing on simplicity, functionality, and quality. Pansar proves that their focus has paid off with original designs, releasing the Supercharged, Moonracer, and X1 Airborne. Refreshingly, the designs are not “borrowed” or “me too”, unlike some other brands. 
  W&R was lucky enough to get a fresh Supercharged chronograph in hand to see what helps separate Pansar from the pack. Upon first look, it is clear this is not your typical “factory production” watch. What is evident is the amount of thought and design that went into delivering the Supercharged to market. 
  Watch dials generally tend to be one of two ways, busy or clean. Pansar designed the dial with simplicity and racing in mind. Besides the benefit of looking good, the time can be read at glance. In part, to a more minimalistic approach for a chronograph. Another key element in keeping the dial clean was the wise choice to rotate numerals and indices. With the subdials, they work very well fitting in between the numerals. There are some small splashes of yellow used on the seconds hand, minute subdial hand, and the “A”. Adding a good balance of contrast for this watch. The chronograph function itself is a bit unique. The 3 o’clock subdial displays the actual 24 hour time, with the date window cleverly tucked into this subdial as well. The 9 o’clock subdial keeps track of chrono minutes, with a big yellow pointer resting at 60 minutes. There is an interesting twist to the Supercharged chronograph function. The yellow “A” is actually the 60 second counter. Once the chrono function is initiated, the “A” begins to tick clockwise for the seconds function! Once stopped and reset, it spins back to its capital upright position. The minute, hour hands, numerals, and indices are all lumed adequately. The Supercharged uses sapphire crystal to protect the face and a quartz Seiko VD53 to power all the functions. Lastly, the dial has a very nice dimensional, tiered depth, that is hard to appreciate in pictures. W&R is currently working on detailed pics, hope to have done in the near future. 
  The Supercharged does not have your standard looking watch case and deserves special attention. Pansar uses a 5 piece construction for the Supercharged case, along with 4 hex screws. The hex screws are unique from other brands W&R has seen, they are actually more like hex bolts. These give the watch great visual dimension at the four corners of the watch’s case. Below is a side shot showing off the three dimensional case and the amount of machining involved to bring the Supercharged to life. The pushers and crown are appropriately proportioned for the watch. Pansar went the extra mile with the crown by engraving their logo. One backwards “P” and one normal, side by side. 

The Supercharged is presented in a black pelican style case, with Pansar logo. Inside are the instructions, warranty card, extra links, black leather strap, and the watch on a very substantial stainless steel bracelet. The bracelet has large original “T” shaped links on either side, that transition to smaller links nearing the butterfly clasp. The strap is extremely comfortable and has a Bell & Ross strap design about it. The strap comes off the lugs higher than most typical watch lug designs. In return, this provides better proportioned visual support for the Supercharged. 

Overall, the Supercharged chronograph would make a great addition to the watch collection, at a fair price. There is good balance of being different enough, without being in your face. Pansar offers different appearances out of the box, with the bracelet and strap options depending on ones mood or liking. For more information on Pansar, visit Pansar’s site at

Pros - Fresh design, case construction, bracelet/strap, value

Consideration - A half link on the bracelet would be a nice additional option for sizing


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