January 11, 2013

Watch Micro Brand List

List - Watch Micro Brew/Brands

This is a list of watch micro brands or “boutique” watches. These companies often offer a more personalized buying experience being a smaller operation than the mainstream brands. Many times you can talk to the owner or designer and the follow through from purchase to delivery is generally excellent. There is some debate as to what makes a company a micro brand, this is W&R list.
If you are looking for a watch that you will not likely see on someone else or just want something not as common, take the time to check out the watch brands below.

Artego Watch Company - artego-watches.com

Bali Ha'i Project - balihaiproject.com

Benarus Taucheruhren - benarus.com

Boschett Timepieces - boschett-timepieces.com

Deep Blue Watches - deepbluewatches.com

Dievas - dievaswatches.com

DWatch - dwatch.net

Debaufre - debaufre.com

Ennebi - ennebiwatch.com

Halios - halioswatches.com

Helson Watches - helson-watch.com

Korsbek Watch Company - korsbek.com

Kremke Watches - kremkewatches.com

Lüm-Tec - lum-tec.com

Magrette - magrette.com

MKII - mkiiwatches.com

moVas Watches - movaswatches.com

NFW - nfwonline.com

Orange Watch Company - orangewatchcompany.com 

Orsa Watch Company - orsawatchco.com

Prometheus - prometheuswatch.com

Resco Instruments - rescowatch.com

Rogue Warrior Watches - roguewarriorwatches.com

SAS Watch Company - saswatchco.com

Serket Watch Company - serketwatchcompany.com

Steinhart Watches - steinhartwatches.de

Zenton Watches - zentonwatches.com 

Zixen - zixenwatch.com


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