January 13, 2013

Wolf Designs Module 2.0 Winder Review

Wolf Designs Module 2.0 Winder
  Wolf Designs is another very well respected watch winder manufacturer. The Wolf Module 2.0 has a watch winder and storage for two additional watches. This rock solid winder winds in 3 different setting choices. It will rotate clockwise, counter-clockwise, or bi-directionally. Giving the end user many options depending on what type of movement is in the watch. For example, a Valjoux 7750 needs to be wound clockwise. In a 24 hour span, the winder will run on and off for 7 hours and then rest for 17 hours. One of the best options on the Module 2.0 is a 12 hour delay switch, the winder will begin the initial cycle 12 hours later. This is a nice feature when the watch is already fully wound.
  This is a stylish, yet practical winder option. Especially, for those with more than one watch, the storage comes in handy. If there is a vacant spot in the top storage it can be a nice place to keep extra straps as well. All this makes the Module 2.0 one of the best winders on the market.


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