January 13, 2013

Wolf Viceroy Module 2.7 Double Review

Wolf Viceroy Module 2.7 Double Watch Winder Review

  Wolf Designs has crafted a small master piece with the Viceroy Module 2.7 Double Watch Winder. The winder has a lot of great new features to keep your favorite timepieces wound to your liking. It can be set from 300 TPD’s (turns per day) up to 1,200 TPD in increments of 50. It has independent directional control for each winder, A = clockwise, B = counterclockwise, and C = bi-directional. Unlike some previous modules with a 12 hour start delay, the Viceroy 2.7 has a delayed start that can be set from 6-72 hours.
  A great new feature is the backlit LCD display that powers on for 10 seconds if a nob is turned or the chrome plate is touched. The LCD displays how many rotations are remaining for the daily cycle. How cool is that?! The new “snug fit” cuffs connect inside the drum. This new feature will help keep watches from working themselves out of the drum and keeps larger watches from moving. There is storage on top level for up to three additional watches, technically four if one was put in the removable travel case. 
  There is no shortage of watch collectors that initially buy an “inexpensive” winder to save money. Only to end up buying a quality winder there after. Ultimately, spending more money than just buying a good reputable winder to start with. This Wolf 2.7 Module and the new features make it one of the best winders at this price point.


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