March 18, 2013

Baselworld 2013 Vulcain Nautical Seventies Review

Baselworld 2013 Vulcain Nautical Seventies
Pre Basel 2013 Vulcain Nautical Seventies
  Not always a fan of "tributes" or "homages" or whatever you want to call them, this time big fan! A beautifully done tribute to a killer retro watch of yesteryear. A limited edition of 300 pieces and worth considering throwing your down your hard earned money on. 
Press Release:
  A faithful replica of the 1970 Vulcain Nautical model, the iconic diver’s watch returns in a 300-piece limited edition with a resolutely vintage look. A fascinating compendium of the identity codes that have forged the legend of the first diver’s watch equipped with an alarm movement truly audible underwater, the new Nautical Seventies Limited Edition is water resistant to 300 metres and indicates the successive decompression stops.
  When first launched in 1961, the Cricket Nautical was truly avant-garde in all respects. For the first time ever, a wristwatch was capable of descending to 300 metres and audibly warning its wearer that it was time to the surface, while precisely indicating the various decompression stops. At the heart of this model that made an indelible imprint on sports-dedicated horology beat the already legendary Cricket alarm calibre. The Vulcain Cricket Nautical caused an immediate sensation in the field of deep-sea diving. Endowed with technical characteristics meeting diver’s security requirements, this model stemmed from a pooling of various competencies: those of the three experts with whom the Vulcain constructors chose to associate in developing the first diver’s watch equipped with an alarm audible under water. Together, these three specialists – Hannes Keller, a multiple record-holding diver and mathematician; explorer and film director Max-Yves Brandily; and Arthur Droz, national diving instruction and representative of the French C.I.A.S. (Centre d’Investigations et d’Activit├ęs Sous-Marines) – drew upon their considerable experience in helping the Manufacture Vulcain to create the first watch complete with an alarm, a clear indication of decompression steps, as well as guaranteed water resistance to 300 m. The latter depth is equivalent to a pressure of around 30kg/cm2!
  In 1970, Vulcain introduced a new version of its legendary Nautical featuring a redesigned display layout and now re-issued in a 300-piece limited series. While the 2013 Nautical Seventies Limited Edition has been made using the latest technical innovations, the original vintage spirit has been carefully preserved. It’s all there: starting with the manually-wound Cricket V-10 capable of sounding its alarm in a clearly audible manner for up to 20 seconds under water. Equipped with twin barrels – one to supply the energy required for the hour, minute and seconds functions, and the other to power the alarm function –, this movement finely crafted by Vulcain beats at a speed of 18,000 vibrations per hour and has a 42-hour power reserve.
  Exactly like the original, the 42 mm case water-resistant to 300 metres features alternating polished and satin-brushed finishes, and is distinguished by its emblematic triple case-back acting as a resonance chamber for the alarm so as to ensure maximum effectiveness. This intensity is further accentuated by a hesalite watch glass – the original material used in 1970 and serving to amplify the sound.
  Offering an identical reproduction of the dial of the 1970 Nautical model, the Nautical Seventies Limited Edition owes both its aesthetic and its device to its predecessor. The central dial indicating decompression details in orange colours remains fixed in place, while the 60-minute graduated rotating inner bezel ring is activated by a screw-locked crown at 4 o’clock. Thanks to generous luminescent hands and square hour-markers, the readability of this watch remains optimal even in the underwater depths.
  The comfortable and sturdy strap in water-repellent leather adds the final vintage touch to the Nautical Seventies.

Specifications & Dimensions:
Case: Stainless Steel
Case Diameter: 42mm
Dial: Re-Edition 
Strap: Leather
Lug Width: N/A
Crystal: Hesalite
Movement: Cricket V-10
Power Reserve: 42 hours
Water Resistant: 300M


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