September 24, 2013

Suunto Ambit 2 Watch

Suunto Ambit 2 Watch
  Any Suunto watch is always packed full of handy features especially if you’re a fan of the outdoors whether as an athlete or an explorer and the Suunto Ambit 2 Watch is no exception.  This relatively lightweight watch with an uncomplicated sleek design houses everything you could want to plan any training routine or outdoors journey.  
  The case is a reinforced glass fibre, the glass is scratch resistant mineral crystal and the bezel is made from steel and is waterproof to 100 metres making it durable and perfectly suited to the outdoors.  The entire display is an LED backlit digital face making it nice and clear to read wherever you are and makes accessing and reading the multi-sport menu easier.  The Suunto Ambit 2 watch has full GPS features that allows you to plan routes and track and log each step of the way which also works in conjunction with the rest of the features like the altimeter functions that can give up to date barometric information, the temperature, a storm alarm and tide information.  
  Each Suunto Ambit 2 sports watch gives you the ability to plan your route with multiple coordinate systems, waypoint and route navigation and more, but some Suunto Apps you will need to download to your watch via a computer.  You can view all of your training and sports data to your computer and charge the battery via USB so it’s easy to see your progress as you go.  The Training and Multi-Sports functions help you with running, cycling and swimming but certain key functions and apps that are the handiest require the use of  Suunto ANT/ANT+ or a Suunto Dual Heart Rate Belt in conjunction with the Ambit 2 but overall this is quite probably the best sports watch currently available.
Pros – Durable, incredibly versatile, multiple sports training functions, water resistant.
Consideration – Requires other items to operate fully, needs recharging regularly.
Specifications & Dimensions:
Case: Reinforced Glass Fibre Polyamide.
Case Diameter: 50 mm.
Strap: Elastomer.
Crystal: Mineral.
Bezel: Steel (Black/Sapphire), Aluminium (Silver).
Movement: Digital, Dot-matrix display.
Battery: 50 hours with 60 second interval, 15 hours with 1 second interval, 30 days with ABC functions.  USB rechargeable Lithium-Ion (480mAh).
Illumination: LED Backlight.
Water Resistant: 100 Metres. 
Authorised Retailers: Suunto Extreme Watches

MTM RAD Watch Review

MTM RAD Watch Review
  If there is one thing that stands MTM watches apart from the rest it is their technical innovations used for some of the most incredible features.  For the better part of half a century MTM watches have gone from being an exclusive brand only sold to US armed forces and emergency services to available worldwide and are largely recognised as one of the premium military watch brands around.  
  While most military watch manufacturers make specific models for certain branches of the armed forces like the Army, Navy SEALS and the Air Force; MTM have gone one step further with the MTM RAD Watch which has been designed to meet the needs of units that may potentially have to deal with radioactive hazards.  The main key feature on the MTM Radiation Detection watch is the integrated Geiger-Mueller tube which can detect radiation up to a threshold of 9999 mSv and can detect single doses of radiation and cumulative exposure over time.  It also has the ability for you to set an alarm for the limit on the amount of gamma rays you are exposed to so you know exactly when you’ve reached your safety limit.  
  The RAD allows you to switch between the reading setting easily thanks to an electronic backlit display and like all MTM watches it is pretty tough.  The case is made from solid titanium making it extremely durable while the glass is both anti-reflective and scratch resistant hardened sapphire crystal plus it has a locking, screw down crown and is water resistant up to 100 metres.  The backlit digital display has different date formats to choose from and the tritium gas tubes on the hour and minute hands glow continuously in zero light conditions while the replaceable lithium battery will last for 2-3 years.  
Pros – Tough, reliable, long battery life, water resistant, detects radiation threats.
Consideration – Main RAD feature only truly useful if you are potentially being exposed to radiation.
Specifications & Dimensions: 
Case: Titanium.
Case Diameter: 46 mm (not including crown).
Strap: Black DLC plating, Solid titanium and Neoprene bands available.
Crystal: Anti-reflective, scratch resistant Sapphire.
Bezel: Unidirectional, titanium ratcheting.
Battery: 2-3 years.
Illumination: Tritium lights on minute and hour hands.
Water Resistant: 100 Metres. 
Authorised Retailers: MTM Watches

September 21, 2013

Luminox Navy Seal Colourmark Review

Luminox Navy Seal Colourmark 3051BO
Luminox Navy Seal Colourmark 3051BO Review
  Over the past few decades Luminox have grown from a small watch manufacturer to one of the leading military watch brands globally, primarily specialising in timepieces suited to the US Navy SEALS and the conditions they have to face.  Like the majority of watches issued to and bought by armed forces Luminox Military Watches make use of the Gaseous Tritium Light System (GTLS) to provide illumination making the time readable even in zero light conditions.
  The Luminox Navy Seal Colourmark 3051BO Watch is the Black Out version of the popular Colourmark Watch so other than the white tritium lights it is entirely black making it perfect for covert operations while still being able to see the time at a quick glance, plus it looks sleek and stylish as well.  The bezel, case and case back are made from carbon fibre reinforced Polycarbonate while the glass is constructed from a hardened mineral so it is quite resilient and is water resistant up to 200 metres which is essential especially if used in amphibious or nautical situations.
  Each model features a comfortable and durable polyurethane strap which is not only waterproof but also adds a minimal amount to the overall 40g light weight and is easily secured with a brushed steel signature buckle.  The bezel aside from being durable is also rotating with a tritium light at the 12 hour marking so if you have to set your time differently due to an operation or due to being in another time zone you can clearly see the exact time in the dark.  You get up to 50 months of battery life with the 395 battery and up to 25 years with the tritium lights all while being kept in time by the Ronda 515 HH6 analogue movement.

Pros – Durable, versatile, water resistant, lightweight, covert and readable in zero lighting.
Considerations – Only additonal complication is date, keeping white clean

Case: PC Carbon Fibre reinforced
Case Diameter: 44 mm
Strap: Polyurethane rubber
Crystal: Mineral
Bezel: PC carbon reinforced, rotating, tritium light at 12 hour marking
Movement: Ronda 515 HH6
Battery: 50 Months
Illumination: Night Vision Tubes
Water Resistant: 200 Metres.
Authorised Retailers: Nightgear

September 2, 2013

Traser H3 P6508 Code Blue Review

Traser H3 P6508 Code Blue
Traser H3 P6508 Code Blue Watch
 The Traser brand has a long history of making some of the most durable military timepieces currently available.  Famously known for designing the non-radioactive Gaseous Tritium Lighting System at the request of the US Military in the 1970’s they quickly became the most issued watch brand for US Armed Forces.  

 The Traser H3 P6508 Code Blue Watch is a resilient watch featuring the pinnacle of Traser technologies, materials and features like a tough 45mm thick case with a hardened crystal mineral glass so you don’t have to worry about any minor impacts which are a frequent possibility if you’re in the military.  Also thanks to the push in crown with double O-ring the P6508 is water resistant up to 100 feet (30 metres) and has a handy rotating bezel with an aluminium insert as well.
 Like all Traser H3 watches this one uses the innovative tritium lights which come with a ten year warranty which is on average how long they will still illuminated but with this particular model it has 15 Traser lights that are coloured blue which is much brighter than the standard green and the light at the 12 O’clock mark is coloured orange so it can be easily differentiated at a quick glance.  Each Traser P6508 Code Blue watch has a 40 month battery installed so you get a lot of use from it and with the Ronda Quartz movement with central second hand so you know it is one extremely reliable timepiece.  Depending on your preference there are also a number of strap options available such as NATO Fabric, rubber, silicon or leather to choose from making it very versatile.
ProsDurable, resilient, reliable and easily readable in zero light conditions.
Consideration – Water resistance is quite low compared to other military watches.
Specifications & Dimensions:
Case: Carbon Fibre
Case Diameter: 43 mm
Strap: NATO fabric, rubber, silicon or leather options available.
Crystal: Mineral
Bezel: Polyamide, unidirectional rotating, with trigalight® insert
Movement: Ronda 715 Quartz
Battery: 40 Months.
Illumination: 1-11 blue, 12 orange, H/M/SE Hand blue, bezel green.
Water Resistant: 30 Metres. 
Authorised Retailers: H3 Watch Shop