November 22, 2013

Press Release C1000 Typhoon from Christopher Ward

C1000 Typhoon from Christopher Ward
  Nicely done! An affordable watch with a Swiss automatic movement from a known brand. Practically unheard of anymore as watch prices have gone to levels not worth discussing here. The new C1000 comes in at a little over 2K USD. What is shocking is the watch is comprised of a ceramic and uses a modified Valjoux (ETA) 7750. 
Press Release:
The sweeping delta wing configuration has inspired some memorable and iconic aeroplanes in recent times – from the elegance of Concorde to the awesome Vulcan – but today’s most powerful expression of this classic silhouette is undoubtedly the Eurofighter Typhoon.
The current version of this mulit-role master of the skies, the Typhoon FGR4 – and the pilots who fly it – has provided the inspiration for the latest aviator’s watch from Christopher Ward; the C1000 Typhoon.
In keeping with the technical sophistication of the computer-controlled jet fighter, the C1000 Typhoon marks another technical advancement for the British luxury watch company, being the first of its watches to boast a ceramic outer case. In a further refinement, a titanium case supporting the movement sits inside the ceramic. The protective carapace of ceramic is fitted around the inner case through intense pressure. The appeal of this advanced composite comes from its light weight, scratch-resistance, durability, smooth touch and deep opaque appearance, especially in the matt black finish used for the C1000 Typhoon. Today’s advanced ceramic is probably six or seven times tougher than steel; it is so tough that only a diamond can scratch it.
“Each season we are pushing ourselves and our factory in Switzerland to come up with innovative advancements to enhance the performance and appearance of our watches. We used titanium for the first time this year in the case for our C11 Titanium Elite diver’s chronometer. To create a watch to do justice to the RAF’s Typhoon, one of the most sophisticated pieces of machinery ever built, we knew we had to stretch the boundaries of watch case construction beyond anything we had done previously.
A modified version of the revered ETA Valjoux 7750 movement has been used for this stylish new chronograph.  The backplate, crown and twin pushers are IPK black-coated titanium, complementing the predominant colour scheme of the watch, and this identity is carried through to the rugged leather and webbing strap options.
Details taken from the plane itself have enriched the appearance of the watch. The outlines of the chronograph eyes echo the twin circles of the jet’s after-burners. In one variation, the lower eye is modelled on the official low-visibility RAF roundel of baby blue and salmon pink. The SuperLuminova white numerals are rendered in the font used on the Typhoon’s HUD (Head Up Display), part of its sophisticated Cockpit Information Unit (CIU). These, and the sky blue indexes are luminous, providing highly effective standout against the charcoal black dial.
Although the Typhoon aircraft itself has no dials, using only LED displays, the aero theme is further developed through the elegant shape of the titanium minute and hour hands, which are inspired by the traditional hands on an aircraft’s dials.  In a very neat touch, the counter balance of the second hand displays the unmistakable silhouette of the Typhoon while its tip carries a canard-delta reference.
On the detailed backplate a full rendition of the wonderful shape of the FGR4 is seen in the form of an intricate 3-D raised coin effect. In a high-precision stamping, the plane as seen from above sits in the centre of the case back and makes a smart contrast to the matt black ceramic case. The plate is engraved with ‘Typhoon FGR4 Multi-Role Combat’ and the RAF motto ‘Per Ardua Ad Astra’ (‘Through Struggles to the Stars’).

  W&R is very impressed with the specs and price point of this watch. Certainly worth looking into if you are in the market for an affordable Swiss watch.


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