Any Suunto watch is always packed full of handy features especially if you’re a fan of the outdoors whether as an athlete or an explorer and the Suunto Ambit 2 Watch is no exception. 

This relatively lightweight watch with an uncomplicated sleek design houses everything you could want to plan any training routine or outdoors journey.    The case is a reinforced glass fibre, the glass is scratch resistant mineral crystal and the bezel is made from steel and is waterproof to 100 metres making it durable and perfectly suited to the outdoors.  The entire display is an LED backlit digital face making it nice and clear to read wherever you are and makes accessing and reading the multi-sport menu easier.  The Suunto Ambit 2 watch has full GPS features that allows you to plan routes and track and log each step of the way which also works in conjunction with the rest of the features like the altimeter functions that can give up to date barometric information, the temperature, a storm alarm and tide information.    Each Suunto Ambit 2 sports watch gives you the ability to plan your route with multiple coordinate systems, waypoint and route navigation and more, but some Suunto Apps you will need to download to your watch via a computer.  You can view all of your training and sports data to your computer and charge the battery via USB so it’s easy to see your progress as you go.  The Training and Multi-Sports functions help you with running, cycling and swimming but certain key functions and apps that are the handiest require the use of  Suunto ANT/ANT+ or a Suunto Dual Heart Rate Belt in conjunction with the Ambit 2 but overall this is quite probably the best sports watch currently available.

Pros – Durable, incredibly versatile, multiple sports training functions, water resistant.

Consideration – Requires other items to operate fully, needs recharging regularly.

SUUNTO AMBIT 2 Specifications & Dimensions

  • Case: Reinforced Glass Fibre Polyamide.
  • Case Diameter: 50 mm.
  • Strap: Elastomer.
  • Crystal: Mineral.
  • Bezel: Steel (Black/Sapphire), Aluminium (Silver).
  • Movement: Digital, Dot-matrix display.
  • Battery: 50 hours with 60 second interval, 15 hours with 1 second interval, 30 days with ABC functions.  USB rechargeable Lithium-Ion (480mAh).
  • Illumination: LED Backlight.
  • Water Resistant: 100 Metres. 
  • Authorised Retailers: Suunto Extreme Watches